We’re on a mission to make managers more effective.

We started Reclaim based on the practices we used to lead Product Management and Go-to-Market teams at high-growth software companies. What we often saw was that even the best managers — with lots of good intentions and lots of “focus time” — struggled to find the hours they needed to get the important things done.

Like a power tool for your time, Reclaim empowers you to focus on the stuff you’re uniquely positioned to work on, not the painful process of managing your calendar.

We recognize that this stuff is sensitive. That’s why Reclaim puts you in the driver’s seat, giving you leverage to make deep and tactful changes to your calendar in minutes.

Reclaim was founded and is proudly built in Portland, Oregon.

Want to get in touch? Drop us a line at info@reclaimai.com.


Patrick Lightbody

Patrick Lightbody

First PM and former SVP of Product at New Relic. 2x founder: BrowserMob (acq. Neustar) and HostedQA (acq. Gomez).

Henry Shapiro

Henry Shapiro

Former VP and GM of Product and Go-to-Market at New Relic. Previously PM at various startups in the Portland, OR area.

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