Take back your workweek

A chaotic, unfocused calendar prevents you from being the best product leader you can be. 

Reclaim your time to do your best work.

Intelligently rebalance your schedule, defend your time, and get your week back in minutes.

Get instant insights

Automatically audit your calendar and reclaim hours of calendar time in seconds with curated suggestions.

Map your time

You tell us what matters and map it to your calendar, letting Reclaim show you what your ideal week should look like.

Reclaim your week

Rapidly rebalance your calendar with an optimized schedule based on what uniquely matters to you and your team.

How Reclaim Works


We audit your calendar

Reclaim looks at your previous 90 days of calendar history, immediately providing analytics and optimizations tailored to PMs, design, and engineering leaders.

Prioritized calendar

You tell us what matters

We help you tag events based on your strategic priorities. Don’t worry about connecting to OKRs or tools, we only need to know what is most important to you.

Conflicting events

Add extra time you need

Add more time you need to focus on your priorities without stressing the hard work of finding times or playing calendar Tetris — just tell us and we’ll do the hard math.

Reclaimed calendar

Get your week back

Reclaim creates an optimal calendar based on your priorities. Tactful, context-aware notifications to organizers and attendees are generated automatically.

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